Friday, December 11, 2015

Why I Enjoy Blogging---♫♫ I Don't Speak Serbian♫♫-- You Never Know What Will Show Up In The Comments...

 Apparently blog reader Vlad Tepes decided I would like to hear some "new" music.

This is now playing in "The Sooper Sekrit Bunker of The Feral Irishman" over the sound
of machining aluminum.

Thanks Vlad... not bad so far...... kinda reminds me of Rammstein

This is the video he left in the comments on the previous post:

 I then did some searching on YOUTUBE and found these.. below



  1. You're right. Does kinda sound like Rammstein.

  2. Haha, Jesus Irish, you're the only other person I know that knows who Rammstein is!

    1. Hi Timbo. Other than my "white" privileged Irish ass I am somewhat musically diverse. ;-)

  3. Great discovery! Other "Rammstein" fans lurk around here too. Since your'e onto something different, I ran across this recently. Sort of a dark version of the "Three Little Pigs" from the Wolf's point of view.


  4. You never do know what will show up in the comments. I am surprised at some of the comments I get.


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