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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Oh The Humanity...

.... From an Irish standpoint... although luckily it wasn't beer or whiskey.

 Story HERE




  1. Poor dears! It looks like some of them got their eyes poked out!

  2. I used to see something like this all the time when I was making a yearly bear hunting trip to New Brunswick, Canada. They harvest potatoes in late September and early October up there. Tons of them fall off the trucks and are all over the sides of the road. I never saw anyone picking them up, but never thought to ask if it was illegal or something to scavenge them. You could gather hundreds of pounds if you wanted to. Nothing like the taste of fresh dug spuds...............

    1. ~ Gasp ~ The Horror!!
      Taminator, I know people who scavenge them.... ;-)

    2. MissK, my darling, I never saw anyone pick them up, but they were always gone by the time we headed back home. I bet you have your new distilling shed full of them. Viva Plaster Rock (and the strippers in Grand Falls).....................


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