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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

An Irish Poll....

Which Room Would You Enter?

A Room With A Christian and A Gun
A Room With A Muslim and A Knife
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  1. leave it to a muslim to bring a knife to a gunfight....

  2. Doesn't matter. I am a Christian with a gun.

  3. I was a bit puzzled that there would be any votes for entering the room with a muzzie and a knife until I realized that those voters were probably Christians with guns.......................

  4. As a former Spec Ops type, I'd always choose the muzzie with a knife, someone has to show him the error in his ways.

  5. We have a local* radio station that is running a poll, that asks a simple question. "Do you want Syrians in North Texas?".

    The diverse and educated people of Texas have carefully considered the issues, evidence and character of all the parties involved. I believe the results reflect this kind of well balanced and rational conclusion....

    see for yourself and add your voice to the more rational side of this debate: http://www.wbap.com/

    * By "local" I mean a 50K watt station that I've been able to hear as far away as the panhandle of Florida and the high desert of El Paso.

    MSG Grumpy

    1. Bill Mack and the country road show, the only english station available in west texas after dark in the 60's and 70's.


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