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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Deconfliction (noun)....

 A word created by our leaders to show the lofo voters that they have an out of control situation not under control.

 Usually followed by hashtags, multiple lines in the sand, a few rounds on TV talk shows, some golf , bread and circus distractions, and Sammich making.


  1. I know the wannabees are using the word a lot lately, but deconfliction has been in use by the military for over 40 years that I remember. For example: when we have various types of aircraft flying into and out of an area of operations we have them at odd or even thousand foot levels so as to deconflict the airspace. Some make believe wonks just glommed onto the term, but it's old.


  2. I was all prepared to post a snarky comment regarding this term and learned something from Norm.


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