Monday, September 28, 2015

It Must Have Been One Of "Those" Mondays....


  1. If you ask me, Irish, that is one pissed off baby.....

    BITCH, when I send you to the store for beer, I DON'T mean watered down SKUNK PISS!!
    CUM'ERE - I'm gonna stick this bottle up your ASS!"

    If he was wearing a sleeveless onesie, aka - the baby wife-beater, the image would have been perfect.

    Kind of fitting that they have Coors Light next to the "organic" milk.
    Neither is a true representation of what they are supposed to be.
    According to our milk truck driver, almost all of the loads that get rejected for antibiotics come from "organic farms"
    We actually have knowledge of a place that hides their antibiotics in the house fridge, so that the inspector doesn't catch them.
    The majority that start off organic, either go under or switch back to conventional farming practices.
    Then it gets pounded through a hydraulic pump then heated to 160 degrees...(homoginized/pasturized) ???
    Yeah, that's not real milk anymore.
    Yet a farm in Florida has to label their all natural skim milk as a dairy-product, not milk, because they refuse to add artificial chemicals (vitamins) to their milk.

    Holy shit, did I go off on a tangent or what?!

    Whitehall, NY


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