Thursday, October 1, 2015

Quincy Ma Police Arrest Man For Threatening Co-worker With Clock....

Click the clock for the story....


  1. Can we get one of those for Obuttme's teleprompter?

  2. From the article - Beck is charged with assault by mean of a dangerous weapon.

    He didn't hit the guy with it. So how does it qualify as an assault?
    It was an empty piece of plastic. So how does it qualify as a "dangerous" weapon. Would he have been charged the same for empty Tupperware? Basically the same lethality.

    Then they go on to say he had another inert training mine that could easily been transformed into an active Claymore again....
    IF he had a detonator...
    IF he had access to C4.....
    IF, well OK - he might be able to get the 700 1/8" steel balls.
    Other than the stuff he can't get without a blasting license, it is TOTALLY plausible....... (insert eye roll : HERE!).

    Then they charge him for having something that probably was bought at an Army/Navy store, as possessing stolen property. Luckily he didn't have an empty AT-4 tube propped up in the corner.

    Good thing he didn't say, "Fuck you , Bob".
    He would have been charged with rape too.

    Winey douche bags, all of them. Especially the scare mongering media outlet.

    Whitehall, NY

  3. this device very clearly tells the time.

    see you in hell boys!


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