Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Complied and Submitted by AFOI
** Quote: "Clinton figured that once Netanyahu was out of the way he no longer had any obstacles
to Middle East peace and a Nobel Peace Prize. He worked well with Ehud Barak and a year after
Barak took office hosted a summit at which Barak offered a peace deal to Yasser Arafat. Arafat
rejected it and two months later launched the second or Al-Aqsa intifada in which 1,100 Israelis
were killed. So yes, Clinton got his wish and hundreds of Israelis paid the price."
>> THIS should have been a central point in Bibi's campaign.
** Tyrant.  Pure and simple, working to erase any accountability.
** EPA wants hotels to monitor guests' shower use.  First, monitor, then
recommend, then control.  And then in your home.  And remember, they're
doing this because they're on a quest for JUSTICE.  These people are
MISSIONARIES, filled with ZEAL to "save the planet" and "protect you
from yourself."
** The Left - scum no matter what country they're in.
** Channeling Thomas Sowell - Leftist policies pretty much consist of replacing the accumulated
wisdom of generations for what sounds good.
** Make something more expensive, you get less of it.  How is this not clear?
** WHEN are the British going to start snarling and take action?  If (when!) it happens,
it will not be pretty.  Related:
** An absolute MUST READ from Thomas Sowell.  I've been saying for years that we are repeating
the mistakes of the 1930's.
** Obsessed with Israel.  Not with Turkey's occupation of Cyprus, or Boko Haram, or Isis,
or Iran nuclear weapons.  Because Jews, that's why.
** The American Left - reflexively anti-American.  Related:
** To register to vote you should be able to produce proof of citizenship.  To vote,
proof of identity.  This is yet another way to get more people to vote... for Dems.
** Illegals demand a "safer" way to invade.  I demand a minefield, concertina wire, and shoot-to-kill guards.
** Illegals flooding in and agents incentivized to minimize the totals.
** But... but... but SETTLED SCIENCE.
** Long, but some great stuff.  What's particularly good is that the models assume the earth
reduces heat radiation as temps go up while the REALITY is that the earth radiates more.  And:
** Play the Al Gore Climate Change game.  So true!
** Chelsea Clinton and privilege.  That'll leave a mark.
** But these are the MODERATES with whom Israel is to negotiate.
** Take the gloves off, Israel.  That's the only way you'll survive.  Particularly with Barackus around:
** But Barackus supports Israel.  Our intellectual masters have assured us he does.
** Insane.  Utterly insane.
** A comment on this article worth noting: "I say it once again-if a dozen Blackhawks descended
on the WH lawn and arrested this traitor and her puppet, it'd be fine by me."
** Cloward-Piven in action.  The deliberate crashing of the economy to create chaos, out of
which the Socialist Utopia can then be forged.
** Scratch a Leftist, find a tyrant.

** Did she sign it or not?  Either way is bad for her.  More:
** Good history of Shrillary and hiding documents.  More:
** On one hand, this is getting better and better.  OTOH, the LIVs don't care.
** Two anti-gun bills that need to be blocked.
** Kleck is a very nice guy.  He's shared some neat stuff with me.
** To say this is a horrific destruction of our naval strength is an understatement.
** Yet people continue to assert this as fact.
** As the world positions itself to dump the dollar, interest rates will HAVE TO rise.
Not only will this slam on the brakes of borrowing to fund investment, but the debt
service on America's debt will skyrocket.  The "end game" is getting close.  Related:
** Control the food, control the people.  Related:
** This will become a race - a race to see who can print money the fastest.  This will not end well.
** Japan re-arming to counter China.
** China building bases out of nothing,
** Putin flexing Russia's muscles.  I just had this quote from the movie "Return of the King" come
to mind (from memory): "Things have been set in motion that cannot be undone."
** On one hand, this is pretty scummy.  OTOH, though, why couldn't this bill have been PURELY
about the topic?
** Ship her ass back to Africa.
** Funny how anti-gun people change their minds to being pro-gun (as I did).  When does the reverse happen?
** The McCain campaign only kicked ass when Palin came on board.  Was she truly ready?  Probably
not.  But neither was Barackus.  Wild Bill hits the nail on the head why the Left hates Palin
(and Netanyahu too).
** You go Arkansas!
** BLOCKING a probe.  BLOCKING a probe.
** Further proof that Barackus' goal is to alienate and destroy allies.
** One can only wonder how the election would have been had Barackus and the Left NOT meddled.
** People ignore history because, among many things, it makes people face uncomfortable
truths about humanity - that we are a violent species.  People don't want to acknowledge

** I'm not a "Birther" though I do see room for legitimate doubt.  Here's the issue: Remember
Rule 1: It doesn't matter what's true, it's what you can get people to believe.  For the
vast majority, the issue is settled.  You could have a notarized affidait from a Kenyan
doctor who delivered Barackus, a certified and testable copy of a Kenyan birth certificate,
and it wouldn't matter as most people would dismiss it.

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