Sunday, March 15, 2015


Complied and submitted by AFOI
** Gun control: the theory that a woman who has been raped and strangled is morally
superior to a woman who ventilates her rapist.
** Video.  Wow.  Related:
** Pass the popcorn.  This could get good.  Related:
** Quote: "Forty years ago, the Washington post hunted down and executed Nixon's presidency over an 18 minutes of missing tape.  But now they have no
problem with Hillary deleting 20,000 E-mails."
** Nice.
** Abolish the EPA.
** Good read on Barackus and Iran.  More:
* Amen.  About time people are starting to grasp this.
** Quote "The obvious Western choice must be the latter, and Sisi has turned out to be an even
better ally than Washington could have dreamed of, as he ensured that the Brotherhood would not
return to power, took on Hamas in Gaza, and even made public calls for Muslims to turn against
religious extremists."  >> This is a man to support.  Naturally, Baracks supports this man's enemy.
** Embedded quote: "When the law does not apply to the lawmakers and law-enforcers, you are not being governed: You are being ruled."
** Thug in training.
** A Chinese refugee talks about Common Core.
** And people wonder why I'm suspicious of most Muslims (not all, but most).
** Damned by their own words.  You do NOT "remove" things; you explain them.  And more on Climate McCarthyism:
** Remember the Second Rule: Those who control the information flow control what people believe.
** Reminds me of a joke.  Two retired executives are on a beach; the first says his
business was destroyed by a catastrophic fire.  He took the insurance money and
retired.  The second said the same, but his was destroyed by a flood.  The first then
asked "How do you arrange for a flood?"
** Black lives don't matter unless they're politically useful to the Left.
** One reason I will never, ever live in MA again.  Related:
** Democrats - aligning themselves with America's enemies since Vietnam.
** Against an uncivilized enemy, you have to fight like them.  Or you lose.
** What a loss this would be if they even started in on it.
** As I understand it, a virgin in Iran can't be executed.  So they forcibly marry and then
rape the woman so that she is no longer a virgin - and now can be put to death.
** I predict China will move before the 2016 election.
** Some bigots are more equal than others.
** The MSM has long been tools - I suspect part is because of sympathy, and part
because they're THE ELITES, and how could these "backwards little brown people"
pull the wool over our eyes.
** Judas F-ing Priest.
** WaPo in full Leftist hoover-and-swallow mode.
** There is a strong possibility that the Russians can detect 1/2 of our nuclear deterrent.  Joy.

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