Monday, March 16, 2015


 Complied and submitted by AFOI  ( a friend of Irish )
** Cry.
** Interesting what is called a crisis.  From the same site:
** Back then CO2 levels were far, far higher and the world didn't end.
** You have to admire the tenacity and drive of the Left.
** Pounding in the posts to close off free speech.  More:
** Follow the money.  Soros, a man who lived through the Holocaust in part because he turned
in fellow Jews.
** Sensing not only weakness, but Barackus' promised "flexibility".
** Say, where is Barackus' aide Jarrett from again?
** Where is Barackus' advisor Jarrett from again?  More:
** Nuclear proliferation in the Middle East - Barackus' crowning achievement.
** A good set of links.  One in particular:
** Corrupt scum doesn't begin to describe her.
** Clintons - a criminal enterprise.  More:
** And yet, if she's the Dem candidate, they'll pull the lever for her.  More:
** Quote: "If Clinton signed Form OF-109, she should be prosecuted. If she didn't, we need to know
why not and who granted her that waiver."  >> And if she granted herself that waiver, that's a clear
indication of her character - not like we didn't know what her character was before.  More:
** Not just emails then.  Pass the popcorn, this could get really good.
** Pot, meet kettle.
** Because nothing says "Religion of Peace" like threatening to chop heads off.
** Quote: "All Western democracies, without exception and including our own, are traveling
down the same road Greece has traversed, headed sooner or later into the same financial
box canyon in which Greece now finds itself."
** You make something more expensive, you get less of it.  Why is this so difficult for
Leftists to grasp?
** Barackus is scum.
** I watched some of the video.  Do you think ANY of these precious snowflakes would stand even as a
speedbump if ISIS were there?
** Would not surprise me.  Clearing the path for Warren.
** Agreed whole-heartedly.
** Important points for Jews.  Europe is trading educated Jews for vote-generating
Muslims.  Related:
** Wishful thinking does not constitute a strategy.  And trying to please your enemies
does not turn them into friends.
** Toe tag for GOP.  Spot on.
** Fruits of the Left's soft bigotry.  And related:
** Video of a woman of one race beating another woman of another race AND her child - guess
why it didn't make the news.
** ABSOLUTE MUST-READ!  So many of our "leaders" have no real-world experience, especially
in seeing the underside of reality.
** Imagine this happens, and al Qaeda takes credit.  Against whom do we retaliate?  Even
if it was a nuke provided by Iran, without fingerprints, how would we know?
** We could have a mass shooting in a mall, Mumbai-style, with people screaming "Allah akhbar!"
and the MSM would likely dismiss it.  Just watch what is happening in Sweden:
** Fear of the WH.
** Really?  REALLY?
** Cherry-picked data to make Israel look bad.
** Quote: "It should be obvious to any fair-minded observer at this point that if the
Palestinian-Arabs wanted a state for themselves in peace next to Israel then they could
have had one long before now."
** Nobody holds a gun to these precious snowflakes' heads to major in "Underwater basket
weaving by transgendered lesbians of color".  While such a subject might be personally
fulfilling, racking up six figures in debt is insane in general, let alone for such an
impractical-in-the-real-world major.
** Waving money in the face of a Jew is not anti-Semitic?
** And we're financing their military buildup with our trade deficit.
** Allen West!  BOOM!  Send a case of what he's drinking to the GOP Elites.
** Barackus views the GOP as his enemy, not Iran.

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