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Monday, December 22, 2014

♫♫ One Of My Favorite Christmas Songs...♫♫

Some information about the song from HERE:

Pete Sinfield, who wrote lyrics for many Emerson, Lake And Palmer songs, helped write this. Lake told Uncut the story of this song in an interview for the January 2011 edition of the magazine: "I wrote it in my house in west London. I'd tuned the bottom string of my guitar from E down to D and got this cascading riff that you hear on the record. But I couldn't really place what the song was about. I was out driving one day and it was playing on my mind, and, all of a sudden, it occurred to me that the tune of 'Jingle Bells' fitted over it. And I thought, 'Ah…I wonder if this could be a song about Christmas! At the same time, I was working with Pete Sinfield on my solo side of the Works album, and I said to Pete, "I've been working on this melodic idea. It could be a Christmas song."

Sinfield continued the story: "Some of it was based on an actual thing in my life when I was eight-years-old, and came downstairs to see this wonderful Christmas tree that my mother had done. I was that little boy. Then it goes from there into a wider thing about how people are brainwashed into stuff. Then I thought, 'This is getting a bit depressing. I'd better have a hopeful, cheerful verse at the end.' That's the bit where me and Greg would've sat together and done it. And then I twisted the whole thing, with the last line, 'The Christmas you get, you deserve,' which was a play on 'The government you get, you deserve.' I didn't necessarily explain all the politics or the thoughts behind it. It's not anti-religious. It's a humanist thing, I suppose. It's not an atheist Christmas song, as some have said."


  1. I'm a grinch i hate the holiday music...except Blue Christmas sung by Porky Pig

  2. That's good enough to steal, so I did....I guess I should apologize, but I won't.


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