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Sunday, December 21, 2014

A long Slow Death...

This big old tree is out in the middle of the woods I hike. The trunk has been slowly rotting away as you can see in the second picture. I bet it's 4-5 feet in diameter and the rotted section has eaten almost halfway through.  Sooner or later I will walk by and it will be laying on the ground, finally giving in to gravity.  Cell phone pics on a gray day, sorry.


  1. That's where the headless horseman goes out.

  2. It may be tougher than you think, and will or might outlive you. There is happiness in that. Well, for some.

  3. Love old trees like that. We have one on our property and it must be hundreds of years old. We call it "Ol Gnarly".

  4. Well, here's to hoping you don't happen upon it when it does fall.
    Sounds more random than winning the lotto, but that's how our Governor elect wound up in a wheel chair.


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