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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Are You Sick Of Youtube Ads?

I enjoy streaming music from youtube on the bunker stereo system. I have my PC connected to the preamp and search on youtube for various artists and albums I enjoy. The annoying thing is the ads that pop up in between the songs on some the the links. I did a little research and found a quick and easy work around.

Download Google Chrome. You can decide if you want it as default browser or not


Now add this:  


Now when I want to stream music, I use google chrome as the browser and there are no ads!

So far so good.

Here is a great link for some random Pink Floyd songs all in youtube clip. There were
ads in between every song. Now they are blocked.



  1. You can get that add on for Opera and Firefox if you use those browsers as well, it's not limited to Chrome.

  2. you can also use the custom host file on the following site. it blocks the ads no matter what you are using to browse. I recommend to use the hostman app to update the host file... works great.


  3. The hosts file trick is a good one, even with the adblocker. You do have to update it occasionally though.


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