Friday, September 7, 2012

The Feral Irishman ...After Dark.. Vintage Boobage

NSFW below the fold....


  1. Rack and pinion drive to a damn skippy time.

  2. I wonder what they look like NOW?

    That looked like 1960 stuff. I got married (for the 1st time) in 1966. Haven't seen my ex wife in 40+ years, but back then she looked like the babes in these pics. Now she probably looks like that old White House news hag, Helen Thomas.


  3. Anon, that should be "Grandma?!?!?!" ;-)

    Nice vintage sweater puppies, Irish. As Bob Hope used to close all of his shows: "Thaaaaaaanks for the mammarieeeees!"

  4. Those aren't tits, they're udders. Moo baby.

  5. Here's some vintage pr0n for you. NSFW, of course.

    I found these two amongst the color Stero-Optic slides my brother scrounged at a garage sale many years ago.

    All the other shots were benign pictures of family and vacations out west in the 1950s.

    I figure some dirty old bastard kept these two pictures squirreled away and hidden from his old lady and used them as wankin' material!

    Now all you dirty sickos can use them too.

    Feel free to repost if you want. Just give me credit for rediscovering them and being an intardwebs Larry Flynt. Or something...

    Yer welkum.

    1. Good afternoon Walter, I posted it up for 2 pm :)

  6. Wow......really sexy and big boob site.I like very much and all friends.Thanks for share...........:-)

  7. Well, that explains how guys got past that hair diaper they all wore in the days before judicious razoring!


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