Saturday, September 8, 2012

Game Camera Recommendations? Bumped to the top scroll down for new posts

Hi all,

I'm looking for a decent, not too expensive, easy to use game cam. One that will do night shots and can be left for a week or so. I have no previous experience with them so I would have to be one that would be good for a noobie. Also, where is the best place to shop on-line for them?

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  1. Can't help with that, just wondering if you enjoyed the Rush concert.......?

    1. Hi Mike, The concert was pretty good overall. It was a little too loud on the base part of it though. I will put up a post later today.

  2. I've never used one, but here's some options.

  3. Thanks Grog, Ill check them out.

  4. BillyBob over at Hell on Earth has one he uses to post pictures occasionally.

  5. I like my Wildgame Innovations cam. Picked up at Academy for $90.
    See my site - july, post: range time

    (cut & paste not working... Wtf?)

  6. Here's my experience with game cameras. Non-infared Bushnell with a flash bulb. It had a 4 digit code to access features of the camera. It loaded images with date and time, onto a removable camera chip. A steel mounting bracket and plastic coated cable, locked with a small cheap padlock, secured it in place. I used it to try and spy what was scratching the bark off a large cedar tree, 10 feet up, on the corner of my property. I checked for images every few days and found nothing. The whole rig disappeared after a week or so. I suspect the racoons.
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  7. Oh yeah, it was powered by 6 D cells, if I remember correctly. They'd be dead within 1 or 2 days.
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  8. Sportsmans Guide's most recent catalogue had a huge selection of GC's.

  9. Bass pro shops is over priced.

    Get an infrared one.

    Cuddle back is advertised well, and may be the best but I have limited experience with them.

    Most new ones should be able to be left out for months, until the batteries die. (faster in cold)

    I've heard of one that will email you every picture as it happens. This sounds silly and too expensive for me.

    Bears will make messes of them, but that is not the goal of bears and I wouldn't worry about it. (My uncle has a bunch of bear pictures with no camera damage. And an after picture of his daughter's first bear last Wednesday.)

    The cameras are cool, for a while, but we haven't tried enough to give a recommendation. I'd advise no to get a cheap one.

  10. Don't point the camera straight east or west. Sunrise/ set will disrupt your pictures.

  11. Go to and look over their selection. Read the reviews carefully. And the Potterrfield family has about the best warranties in the business.

  12. Thanks for all the input guys. I have some research to do.


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