Thursday, September 6, 2012

Good Lord, How Much Beer Did He Drink?


  1. I had a chocolate lab that would get scared and roll over and pee on herself.

    The most pure bred dog I ever had was the dumbest!

  2. Back about 35 years ago I had a German Shepherd that loved beer. This was, of course, back when telephone handsets were attached by wire to the boxes which were wired into the building. My then wife was visiting her parents and I was laying back on the couch with a book and a quart bottle of beer, which I had just opened. My (ex) wife called, I sat the beer down and answered the phone. While I was in there Lester, the dog bumped the quart over with his snout and lapped up the beer as it came out. I came back, saw what'd happened and said an ugly word or two.
    A while later the phone rang again. Guess I wasn't all too smart back then for I did it again, left a new beer and Lester did it again. Lester T. Dog was drunk as a Lord and so I put him in the garage and he passed out.

    The next morning he had the king of doggie hangovers, I won't tell much about it, I had to hose him off because he'd peed on himself and other indignities but, from that day forward Lester T. Dog never touched any alcoholic beverage. He believed, up until the day he died, that anything he could reach was his, if left unattended. And he would always sniff to see if it was worth guarding in case the original owner got careless. Still, after that one massive hangover, if it was beer or any other alcohol, he'd back away like he'd put his nose up against a hot skillet.

    Dunno why I'm telling that story here but, there it is. It's been a lot of years and a lot of dogs since then but I still miss Lester T. Dog.

  3. Oh, thats just a little, 20 foot long, bladders too full dribble there. Before he knew how to tell me he was full, my yellow lab would run through the entire house twice, at full speed, trying to hold it in, because in his heart, he knew it was wrong to pee in the house. Twice... about 250 feet of dribble.

    Man, those were not fun nights...


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