Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So , I Knocked Down a Couple Books Over The Weekend...

I had some down time and grabbed a couple of  James Patterson's books from my friends' bookcase.

They were easy very fast reads that held my attention and kept me turning page after page.

Never having read any of his books I found them to be well worth the time.

The ones I grabbed were "3rd Degree" and "4th of July", both if which are part of an
11 book series called  "Women's Murder Club". 

 I guess I will have to look for some of the others in the series as well as books outside
that series. Any recommendations?

I found out he wrote "Kiss the Girls" and " Along Came A Spider" both I'm told are great reads.
I will have to add them to the FALL reading list.

I never saw the movies since >Morgan Freeman< is in them and I "Don't Feed The Moonbats" 

as Bubba says on his blog. 

It's too bad the hollyweirdos' have never read >THIS<


  1. WoW ! , that was great !. Thank's for the link, I've said about those same word's a thousand time's. My kind of gal , let's just say F T W ! and run away sweetie !.

  2. This is my issue with the Pattersons entire "Alex Cross" series..since Morgan Freeman played the character in the movies, I can't read one of those books because in my head, I am seeing him. I tried reading "Cross Country"..and just couldnt happen for me.....

  3. I have read plenty of Patterson's stuff and enjoy all of it...except for the Morgan Freeman playing Alex Cross..that was not right...But between Patterson and John Sanford's Prey novels...I do enjoy them thriller types..

  4. Check out Ian Rankin's Inspector Rebus books, Stuart MacBride's Lazarus Logan series, Brad Thor, Lee Child, Jo Nesbo, Michael Connelly, Joel Goldman, Karin Fossum

    I'm an avid reader, read close to 125 books this year alone


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