Monday, September 17, 2012


Reader Carl sent this comment along from a message board that he frequents. This anonymous
post really does sum up what we are dealing with....

Anonymous post on a message board I frequent:

Following the news accounts about the events in the middle east I keep hearing references to "the Muslim World". Since when do we care what religion our enemies are? Europe is predominately Catholic but during WWII no one ever heard that we were at war with the Catholic World. In Japan we didn't fight Taoists and in Viet Nam we didn't fight Buddhists. We fought the Enemy. No matter who our enemies have been in the past we didn't try so hard to analyze their motives and consider their sensibilities. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor we didn't try to figure out why they didn't like us, we tried to figure out how to kick their ass. What's so different about the Muslims? When a gang of armed thugs wages attacks on US soil (such as an embassy) their religion should be of no concern to us. Sending them to meet their Maker should be our only concern. I don't care if they're "upset" over a movie or the price of goat meat. As soon as they start to attack they are the enemy, no other identification or reason is needed. This is not court where one might try to introduce mitigating circumstances, this is war, where we should seek nothing less than the annihilation of the enemy. As soon as they raise a hand against the US their standing with their God should be of major concern to them, not us.



  2. Anon
    I agree, but from day one it was a war against the goat f....ers .
    This poster has a great point, maybe they use that term because there are so many different country's involved. Anyways, this poster is absolutely correct on all counts.....

  3. This is different. This enemy has certain things in common that out old enemies didn't. The are ALL Muslims and are from a variety of countries, many speak different languages. They do not wear uniforms or have any particular flag other than the crescent moon of Islam. Our enemy is a religious based ideology that serves as everything they call authority and it is the only authority they bow to.

    There is no other convenient or proper way to identify those enemies other than as Islamic terrorists warriors. Their goals are to impose their RELIGION on the entire world and kill every Jew on the planet. This is not about getting our stuff or expanding their borders or their economies ... it is ideological and it is insane. That same insanity will also have them killing each other which they regularly do as part of their death cult. It is not easy to understand that thinking, but it is not hard to reject it. And we must reject it vigorously.

    Mr. Anonymous may not want to accept that the war with Islam cannot be boxed and titled as we could do with the gooks, the Japs, the Krauts, the Ruskies etc. We can call this current plague the 'Muzzies' if we need a cute term for them.

    This current enemy is different that anything we have had in the past and they must be fought differently ... or we will lose. Obama is clearly on their side the first item of business is getting rid of him. Then forget hurting feelings or any other politically correct notion. We are a war for out existence and the sooner we accept that fact, the sooner we can get on with killing them.

  4. C'mon, man. In the 1947 National Security re-organization, the Truman White House communists/pansies, the Dept. of State weaklings, the Dept. of War incompetents, the Dept. of Navy Sea-lawyers and the House & Senate morons ALL agreed that: ..." disproportionality, " ..." ethnic-cleansing, " ..." mass-killing, " ..." direct targeting of 'civilians,' " ..." urban assaults" ...ARE ALL CRIMES. The lawyers saw enormous job security in destroying the warrior ethos at the heart of Western cultural superiority. see: Korea 1950-1953. SE Asia 1966-1972. Tehran (1980) & so forth [we know the list.] up to and including - Sept. 2012 in Benghazi, Kandahar & Quetta, etc. ---EVERYONE knows the targets... just lawyer-up first, or else Geneva and some US Attorney, Senate staffer or House staffer will stomp you.

  5. I refuse to be persecuted for being a Christian. Turn the tables, let them be persecuted. Don't let shria laws come to our country. Unite.....resist.
    Papa Mike


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