Thursday, September 20, 2012

Global Warming Jumps The Shark....

I found this over at Brock's place:

Air Pollution From Grilled Burgers Worse Than Trucks

Say What?????

 Fuck that..They will have to pry that delicious, juicy, tasty, mouthwatering , medium rare cheeseburger from my cold dead hands if they think they are going after them for global warming!!!




  1. These f-in idiot are just going after everything we enjoy, it started with fast cars, then electricity (coal) now their trying to say burgers? F-them they just want everyone to be as miserable as they are. We must fight this Bloomberg mentality..........>:-(

  2. They weren't able to make a dent with their cow fart theory of global warming, so they had to find something else. Have a bacon and cheddar stuffed burger with extra bacon and a side of bacon cheddar fries and try to calm down.

  3. just a daily lurker here... if you think they jumped the shark because of cheeseburger, get a load of this:

    Researchers also say air pollution has also been shown to “negatively impact penis size.”

  4. This is why I grill burgers for every Earth Day weather permitting.

  5. "This is why I grill burgers for every Earth Day weather permitting."

    I'd use burning tires if it didn't ruin the taste.


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