Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Morning Pause.......

 I walked out the front door this morning and what immediately struck me what the complete silence of human noise. The were no sounds of people , no sounds of cars, no contrails, nothing. I paused and listened as I drew in the cold fresh air into my lungs. It's not too often that I allow my self to "stop and smell the roses" so to speak.

Beautiful blue sky, not a cloud in the cold morning air:

There is no snow on the ground at all. This is also weird given the fact that it's February 5th in New England.
We have had 7 inches total so far. Last year we were at 70 inches.

This is the view of the front yard:

I stood silently and took in the beauty of the day.  I listened to a woodpecker off in the distance looking for grubs. I heard a squirrel chattering at an adversary. I looked to the sky and a hawk flew over head. It was so quiet that I was able to hear the transformer that is in the corner of our lot merrily buzzing away. That in itself was amazing to me as my hearing is definitely compromised after years and years in the machine shop trade.

I was in pause mode. It was such a beautiful amazingly peaceful experience.

I smiled and felt like Will Smith in "I am Legend". What if?


  1. I love those kind of mornings, great view you got there!

  2. @boilerdoc.. It was amazing. I wish I was a better wordsmith to be able to put into words the feeling of standing there in the beauty of the morning. :)

  3. You really did'nt need words, viewing the pics full size made me feel like I was standing on your lawn with a cup of coffee.

  4. Nice :)... If you are ever out this way let me know. Coffee or beer or both, my treat.

  5. Have to agree with boilerdoc you really didn't need words. Great View you have.

  6. Thank you both for the kind words. We got lucky and found the property in a distress sale.

  7. Distress sale? All I see is a brick on your walk needs some work....

  8. @boilerdoc.. It was a divorce sale. The husband was already gone and the wife had to dump it. We got lucky.


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