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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Russians Have Reached The Antarctic Lake...

"Russian scientists" have finally drilled down through four kilometres of Antarctic ice to a lake that has been sealed for the last 20 million years.
Veteran Antarctic researcher Professor John Priscu says that he expects to see 'unique organisms' in the lake.

They were feared missing not to long "AGO".  

This story will be really interesting giving he fact that this lake hasn't seen our atmosphere for 20 million years.


  1. Glad they are still alive... Antarctica is NOT a friendly climate... and winter is coming!

  2. @ Old NFO.. It must me such a hostile climate. I can't even imagine what winter must be like!!

    20 million year old lake that has never seen our atmosphere.. this should be interesting. :)

  3. I see a cheesy 90's horror movie here.


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