Thursday, February 9, 2012

Busy Morning a.k.a. When It Rains It Pours....some nsfw

(some of the links are nsfw)

Billybob over at "HELLONEARTH" was kind enough to inquire about my damaged "Silverado "
this morning.

The truck has been in the shop since 1-19-2012 and I just found out that they received the "WRONG" rim. 
Now ,according to the body shop, the "correct" one is coming in today. (we'll see).

So I am without my daily driver and am driving the "COMPANY VAN".

Last night I was going out to meet the boys for some "ADULT TIME" and when I checked the brake lights on the van I noticed they weren't working.( sigh) I didn't want to give the "revenue generators" any ammunition to "PULL ME OVER". So today I am working on finding the issue with those damn "TAIL" lights.

My first thought was to get all new bulbs for the "TAIL" light assemblies. There have been issues where the solder on the cheap "CHINESE"bulbs has melted and shorted across the terminals and or they have melted the inside of the sockets. So I decided to head down to the auto parts store.

My Silverado is in the shop and my van is disassembled.

No problem I'll jump in my "FORD BRONCO" since there is no snow on the ground and its a nice day I will take it for a putt to down to the parts store to get new bulbs. I warmed up the old girl and headed on my way. Halfway to AutoZone I start to get a "rumble in the rear end" of the bronco.....

It isn't there when I have it under load but when I coast down a hill or just step on the clutch it gives a good rumble. My guess is U-Joint or "rear-end" bearing. 

SO NOW,   I DON'T have my pick-up, the van is a good source of revenue generation until I figure out whats wrong with the brakes and the Bronco is going to the garage next week......

I'll keep you posted...

So that has been my morning and I feel better after putting this post together!

I hope you enjoyed my misfortunes as much as I have.


  1. It may help diagnose the van to try putting on the hazard lights.
    On big trucks the same bulb that operates the brake light is the same one that flashes with the hazards.

    That way at least you can use a trouble light (circuit tester?) to see if it's the bulb or somewhere ahead of it?

    I know better than to ask if you already checked the fuse.

  2. Thank heavens for rear ends and tail lights! Hope the rest of your day is better.

  3. I was in a minor pickup accident myself last Friday. I wasn't physically hurt, but my driver's side door was impacted and is sealed shut. I'm scared to even roll the window down and have it get stuck there.

    So my old butt has to climb in passenger door and go over the center console to driver's side bucket seat. Oh joy - is that ever fun! Try it in the rain for even more effect!

    Bucket seats are comfortable, but damn inconvenient - hope my insurance adjuster gets me that check fast, this is getting old!


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