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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Her Name Is Clara Scala..She Is Smoking Hawt and NSFW



  1. Where were fake boobs when I was younger?

  2. WOW.. She's got a body most men would kill to hold...And a face to protect it!

  3. Outstanding.
    Well, at least something is.
    I'll seek a doctor's attention if it lasts longer than 12 hours. ;-)

  4. @BD:

    They're not "fake" boobs. They are "enhanced by surgery". And if you're lucky, right in your face or hands.

    "Fake" boobs means, either a stuffed bra or one of the other ways to make less appear to be more.

    As a bud explained to me a long time ago at the "ballet", also known as the place where limber unclad ladies make your money magically appear in their garters.


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