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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lets Set the Wayback Machine to the *70's again.......

*Chicago Transit Authority was 1969
I know there are lots more... these were some of the ones that I wore out as well as the albums that came after these :)

Add some of your bands in the comments if you want.


  1. I want to party with you!

    In our rocking chairs...

  2. Oh dear lord why oh why to people do this to me??
    Aerosmtih, REO Speedwagon and maybe a little BTO...
    I have a few of those, still, on vinyl....dpes that make me a hoarder??? Or jusyt old..??

    And I was listening to New Riders of the Purple Sage on...cassette today in the '91 Buick...

  3. Don't forget to get the Led out. Zeppelin II is one of the finest albums ever (1969 though).

    The very early ZZ Top, before they sold out and started making crap like "TV Dinners".

    Peter Frampton, Bad Co., and AC/DC were closer to mid '70's, but I wore their albums out on vinyl, 8 Track, cassette and now CD and MP3.

    The Eagles were/are/still awesome.

    You can't beat some good old Foghat.

    And no list would be complete without the finest Southern Rock band EVER Lynyrd Skynyrd!

  4. Bad Company, the Allman Brothers, Deep Purple & Alice Cooper.

    And oh man, that first Van Halen record was made of so much win it just about collapses in on itself with the sheer awesomeness on display there.


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