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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Walking and Walking and Walking..........and more f&$kin walking.....

My old cell phone stopped charging so I got a new one in ( Thanks Assurion) although I did pay for the insurance every month. Anyway, I was scrolling thru the old one and realized that I had turned on the pedometer function that the phone came with. Its a Casio G'zOne Rock and it has some apps under the G'zGear page.

Anyway, I scrolled thru the phone and cleaned up contacts and settings and such before I send it back. I went to the Pedometer page and was quite amazed:

December 2010  I walked  86,036    steps  42.7 miles
January 2011      I walked  127,912  steps  63.6 miles
Feburary 2011    I walked  83,019    steps   41.2 miles
March 2011       I walked  165,566  steps  82.3 miles
April 2011          I walked  282,910  steps  140.6 miles
May 2011          I walked  111,538  steps  55.4 miles

It only went back 6 months..  but the lifetime count ( I dont remember exactly when I turned the pedometer function on)  was 2,121,816 steps............ wtf???

I know this is approximate and it is a function of the phone moving up and down... but still I never realized
how much walking I did.

I guess I need to see how many calories I do take in during the day because my feeling is that I should look like this guy with all that fricken walking!!!

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