Sunday, April 25, 2021

This is good....





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  1. Irish, nice find. We are in Wyoming, so I’m living this. Your place is great. Thanks for all you do
    That guy in Wyoming

  2. We lived near a small quasi-fishing village in NC for a while. During that time they had a vote about a fairly sizable change to their local government and it boiled down to this sign. The people coming from elsewhere wanted something different and the longtime locals did not. There were many signs posted saying something to the effect of, "If you don't like how you found it here, leave. We do like it." In that vote, the locals won.

  3. You might as well address this to ever illegal immigrant!

  4. "This rifle range is noisy and dangerous!"

    Only because you tore down the woods it was in and built a housing development right up to the property line.

    1. Another example of this is the snowflakes who live in now huge subdivisions around Oceana Naval Air Station, a primary naval fighter base. The air station has been there long before the subdivisions, yet the homeowners think the jets taking off and landing should be quiet. Ijits, plain and simple.

    This will bring tears to your and your readers eyes. Get it out there! People are fed the fuck up!!!

  6. This time. They'll try again so stay vigilant and active!

  7. IF I could buy this as a large yard sign, I'd do so.

    The folks exiting Chicago to Indiana are starting to irk me for just this reason....
    Of course, we really need these as billboards along the Interstates

  8. Sometimes it is put as "absolute truth" that capital L liberals "don't see" the problem.

    That's not always the case.

    Unfortunately it's infrequent.

    I figure those two to be burned at the stake pretty soon. They're definitely 'off narrative.'


  9. I like the sign. As a self employed sign maker, there is way too much copy. It would work with half the wording in all upper case lettering.

  10. Yeah, this is a problem in Spokane, Washington.
    Spokane is a 130 year old railroad town that is very conservative and the seat of the inland empire grain and agriculture mega farming. Old money, great weather, parks, theater, schools, old churches etc
    Home of the Gonzaga Bulldogs Basketball. (A Jesuit University)

    Last summer, we HAD "drag queen story time" at the PUBLIC library...
    1000 protested it in person.
    Just once...and that was it. NO more.
    We stood up to leftist BS, you can too.
    Be well,

    Must read material!


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