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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Drum Roll Please....... Presenting "Mrs. Smith"


  She was in picture number 73. Thanks for playing and a huge thanks to the "Smiths" for adding some well needed excitement to the week.











  1. We were beginning to think tomorrow would never come. Let's see, is it today? tomorrow? the day before tomorrow? or maybe the day after yesterday?? And that now you fess up and show the real Mrs. Smith it all becomes a blur. She looks just like a lady who-when she gets really hot-will want a guy to keep going well past the point of exhaustion. Maybe that is why Mr. Smith is always late getting to work.

    Then again, some of us had her pegged as #73 way last night. If you keep enticing us with your new name maybe some time or another you can slip Mrs. Jones in as #69??? Just to remind some of us of our much younger days.

  2. The check sum was a dead giveaway. Mr. Smith is truly one lucky man.

    Thanks for the mental gymnastics and exercise of observational skills.


  3. Mrs. Smith, you are the stuff dreams are made of. Thank you!

  4. Dayumm
    THank you Mr (and Mrs) Smith.
    Mr Smith, yer a lucky dude.

  5. 1 look at her ring finger tells me that is Miss Smith

  6. Mrs. Smith? There's no ring on that finger. She's available boys!

  7. Perfect pear shape. Some of us prefer hourglass, but she's got some padding which is part of what makes a woman.

    Enjoy her, but remember to turn her over once an hour.

    Sunburn, you know.

  8. Nailed it...so to speak. With all due respect to Mr. Smith

  9. Thank you "Mrs. Smith."

  10. Friday was my birthday - what a wonderful gift. Thanks “Mrs Smith “ and the feral man

  11. Friday was my birthday - what a wonderful gift. Thanks “Mrs Smith “ and the feral man


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