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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Make no mistake about it, our "OVERLORDS" would use any assets in their arsenal to force their will upon us.

 In March of 2020 the California National Guard was ordered to put a F-15C Eagle fighter jet on stand by to disperse crowds who might protest mandatory quarantine orders to "shelter in place" during the COVID scamdemic. Low level "buzzing" of crowds is a tactic that has been used in recent years in foreign countries to scatter protestors, etc. What is next? Napalm? Sidewinders? Naturally, politicos and high ranking military officials are denying this. 

McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle - Wikipedia

Follow the link in this LINK to read more.


  1. Cool !! It would be like being at an airshow. I'll be sure to bring my camera.

  2. A few well placed shots from a higher caliber rifle might persuade Mr. Unconstitutional Flyboy to take his ass elsewhere.

    1. That was going to be my comment. A .30 caliber hole through the fuselage in the area of the engine wrecks havoc with jet engine rotation. Nemo

  3. Could be worse. They coulda put a couple Hawgs out there. Awful tough to tell the bad guys from the good guys at 400 knots...

  4. Unless I have a guided anti air weapon, I'm out. Ohio Guy

  5. Ever consider what a load of 00 buckshot does to a jet aircraft buzzing a crowd on the ground? Mr. Turbine doesn't like high-speed lead in the blades... makes mincemeat of the engine...

  6. Ever shoot trap or skeet? Multiply the speeds and distance to target and get back to me on that. Ohio Guy

  7. laser pointers work well at dissuading low flying aircraft....if they can't see, they're not as willing to fly in all that low...


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