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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Those Protests are messing with my axle delivery....

 The axles are in the Manchester NH distribution center.

I know the weather isn't bad around here so it's probably the protests.


  1. How is this possible? Besides the basketball team at University of New Hampshire there are not many people of color in NH.

  2. You could listen to some Guns N' Roses to pass the time because Axl!

  3. Nah. It's the virus. Can't have too many people in the area where they load trucks. Social distancing and all HAS TO BE MAINTAINED, per order of Dr. Fauci.

    The real knee slapper here is churches have to be closed, even if the parishioners are attending worship in their car, in the parking lot, while listening to the service on their radio. Yet Walmart, Amazon, any grocery store, UPS, FedEx, essentially ANY LARGE COMPANY, can remain open.

    Oh, and masks. Everyone should were a mask in public. 'Course Fauci and the CDC and NIAID made that recommendation AFTER they said that masks have little to no affect on the spread.

    Some jurisdictions, like the city I live in, have made masks MANDATORY, FOR ANYONE OUT AND ABOUT AT A PUBLIC PLACE. You know the ones that AREN'T CLOSED. His honor, The Mayor, made this order, despite the fact that 90+% of the folks in this city, who contracted Kung Flu, live in nursing and other elder care facilities, most of whom have died.

    With all of the deaths from Kung Flu in nursing homes and other elder care facilities around the country, one might think that the government, who ordered Kung Flu patients into nursing homes etc, had something against old people.


    1. "But the King isn't wearing any clothes!" shouted the little boy.

  4. PITA for sure.
    Maybe you can clean parts or something while you are waiting. I would imagine you have a new drive belt coming too?

  5. Funny how Amazon gets stuff delivered in two days, but everything else takes a week...

    1. They are the NEW COMPANY STORE, they are "essential" but others are not. Its all part of NWO......


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