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Monday, June 15, 2020

Posting This Got Boilerdoc Put Into A Farcebook Time Out...

Boilerdoc..."Fucking FB.....got a jail sentence for it.." *sends image in email*

Irish.."Just for posting that?"

Boilerdoc.. "Yup..... fucking tame by Ken's standards....."

I can't argue that point right there          ↑↑↑↑ 


  1. I don't do Farcebook.
    Most people have never heard of this but the CIA had a secret program back in the 90's called LIFE LOG that tracked peoples every move, email, phone call etc. and stored it. It then used that information to start defining the relationships between individuals and building a huge web with basically everyone in it. They eventually stopped that program. The exact same day the CIA stopped that program, Mark Zuckerberg, a virtual unknown, unveiled Facebook.
    Look it up.

  2. And if he had posted something about the chaz punks, he probably would have been complimented.

  3. Its not that its tame or vulgar, it goes against CDC published guidelines.
    The real reason is we don't allow free thought or promotion of independent ideas. Just like in Huxley's "1984", doubleplusungoodthink is not allowed.

  4. Personally,I think he shouldn't bother with Fecesbook. I imagine the Administrator over to Pitsnipes Gripes would let him post there occasionally.
    Just saying.

    Whitehall, NY

  5. I've never trusted Mark Schmuckerburg.
    They censor anything conservative. Even rhino's.
    Hell they'd prolly just ban my a$$ outright.
    Please tell Boilerdoc, I would consider his ban, an achievement to be relished.
    F'ing Epic.


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