Sunday, June 14, 2020


The good kind:

I'm talking about this kind below. Lately I get 10-15 of these same comments daily. You would think that the AI or what ever squirrels they use to monitor this shit would recognize the SAME FRIGGEN comment from random names.

 Here's the blogger spam comment folder from overnight.

and here's what it looks like on my phone.


  1. Probably the same everywhere. Emails from my family get put in the spam folder on my host but almost every other piece of junk that is obvious spam gets puts through.
    Maybe intentional so the tech companies can sell more virus protection and identity theft software.

  2. I like the ones where someone is bragging about all the money they're making with their computer.

  3. I get a bunch of those every day, too. I'm about ready to moderate all comments, like you.

  4. I was getting several a day (same one) and became a pain to delete, especially with the new blogger, so I went to moderation and it's much easier to delete them en mass.

    As an aside, who clicks on this shit to keep the scammer pukes posting them..

  5. I get 'em everyday also - and the fuckers even go back and do it on old posts.


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