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Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Girl In The Rainbow Top.. Inquiring Minds Want To Know...


She's a Russian asset so be careful.

Her name is Natalya Krasavina  aka Nata Lee

 Natalya Krasavina is a breathtaking blond who has gained her fame from her Instagram Star account where she has gained over 1.8 million followers since September 2018 when she uploaded her first photo. Born on Feb. 17th 1999 in Russia. 

Nata Lee Quick Facts

  • Birth Name Nata lee
  • Date of Birth February 17 1999
  • Birth Place Russia
  • Nationality Russian
  • Birth Zodiac Sign Aquarius
  • Ethnicity White
  • Eye Color Blue
  • Hair Color Blond
  • Feet/Show Size 9.5 US – 40 EU 7.5 UK
  • Dress Size 6 US & CAN – 36 EU – 10 UK & AUS

Nata Lee Body Measurements

  • Height      5 feet 6 inches / 167.64cm
  • Weight  114 pounds  52kg
  • Body 36-27-35 inches / 91.4-68.5-88.9cm
  • Bust Size 36 inches 68.5cm
  • Bra Size 34C
  • Waist 27 inches 68.5cm
  • Hips 35 inches 88.9cm

Lots of photos here< 

Instagram here<<

2nd Instagram here<<

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  1. Also found her vk.com account.

  2. Same birthdate as my GL1500. Wonder if she's as much fun to ride? Likely as expensive I imagine.

  3. Living proof there is a God and he loves us.

  4. WOW she won the gene pool lottery

  5. She is what is known in the trade as an aircraft blonde.

    Blonde hair with a black box ...

    Phil B

  6. I'd like to meet her mother.

  7. She could convince me to be a double agent :-P

  8. "I bet her mother was a good looking mother too"!

  9. http://www.storebabser.dk/2020/03/13/natalya-krasavina-aka-nata-lee/amp/


  10. https://fitnakedgirls.com/gallery/natalya-krasavina-aka-nata-lee-nude/


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