Saturday, June 13, 2020

Interesting Isn't It?

Love the responses.....


  1. Look at the last response there about the RV and having to have a permit.
    It's very similar to what is going on around me. Personally I'd tell 'em to fuck right off.

  2. About 7 years ago, we were about to move from SC to OR. The plan was to give everything to the movers and drive across with our travel trailer. That last 10 days before we left, we parked the trailer in front of the house so we could load up. Well, the Karens in the HOA had a fit. Seems the "rules" state that RVs have to be parked next to or behind the house, not out front or in the driveway. I explained that the neighbor across the street didn't mind, and we'd be gone soon. They threatened to gum up the sale with a lien for daily penalties. I told them to go ahead and try, knowing there was no way that they could get a lawyer to record a lien that fast. Best part was they knew it and had to just stew till we were gone. I vowed never to live in an HOA again. Karens with power and a budget...

  3. Amazing the amount of officialdom you yanks have.

  4. Like posting a comment on this site.

    1. Matthew, the only reason there is officialdom to commenting is the amount of Spam lately.
      You would think that in this day and age of technology spam would be blocked fairly easily.
      As always thanks for stopping by.

  5. Do what the USA does best. Pretend to be something else. The lemonade stand now identifies as a BLM Antifa protest checkpoint with proceeds going to the demonrats election slushfund.
    Anyone who objects is a racisttttttt....


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