Sunday, June 7, 2020

Stay Tuned For Previews Of The Coming Months...


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    1. You forgot, the rupture of the San Andreas fault and the subsequent Yellowstone caldera eruption.

  2. The end results of the initially justified Mr. Floyd Protests are;
    * 20 plus additional innocent lives taken by the rioters or citizens protecting themselves,
    * over $500M in damages and looted items,
    * innocent Police officers murdered,
    * 100's of Police assaulted,
    * Firemen assaulted while fighting rioter set arson fires,
    * Emergency Medical staff assaulted responding to injured persons calls,
    * 100's of small Mom and Pop stores looted and burned and much more.

    Sorry, but my initial support for the protest ended with the first riot and looting.

    To me ALL LIVES MATTER, not just one particular race or color.
    Any protest based solely on one group or color, is in itself racist.

    Written By: Steve J. of McBean Ga.


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