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Monday, May 18, 2020

What Happened To Critical Thought?..

Had Enough Yet?
Lots of questions people should be asking THEMSELVES << 



  1. How about an app that can track illegal immigrants? I was deployed to Thailand. Sitting in a bar on Walking Street in Pattaya, I saw a foreigner get pulled out of a bar by 5 cops. I asked the bartender what was happening. He said that the man had most likely overstayed his visa and was getting deported. I thought to myself, if Thailand can do such a thing.....why can't the US?

  2. Well, I've alway said that political change never happens unless things get so bad the lax and lazy voter would never change their minds and elect some firebrand willing to make necessary changes within the Constitutional boundaries as needed to keep society alive and well. a stagnant society is a dead society. Many are the citizens who like things just the way they are, even if the way things are is bad for them because change baaaad. But if the water gets hot enough, unlike the frog, humans will jump from the pot. just have to have the water hot enough.
    hot enough for you yet?


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