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Sunday, May 17, 2020

Sunday Adrenaline Rush.... Who Needs Coffee.


  1. I do find it interesting that the twitter videos do not open (are viewable) on your site. To see the video I have to click the "view on twitter" icon in the upper right corner. Looks like twitter figured out how to get more page hits.

    1. I find that I can view them directly in Chrome, but Firefox shows a plain white box when the play button is clicked and will not show the videos.

  2. Even when I was young and foolish and full of cum I would not have tried this death ride...

  3. I've riden down some what I thought was steep terrain when I used to bike, but nothing that insane. Those guys have big steel ones that clank.


  4. We used to do this but on a much smaller scale back in the day. We didn't have heavy equipment to build ramps like that. I will guarantee you that if this was around back then we would have been all over it. We being me, my brothers, cousins and neighborhood friends.

  5. Yeah, except with coffee, there's less chance of needing a life flight to the nearest ER.


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