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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Joe Diffie

Joe passed away March 29th of this year from complications related to COVID-19. He was a great country artist that charted several hit songs in the 90's. In later life, Joe took a more laid back approach to living and switched the sound of his music. He even recorded some Bluegrass. The song in the video below, Route 5 Box 109, is one of my favorites of his. The song is not for everybody, but most growing up in rural areas, particularly the South, in the 60's and early 70's will make the connection. RIP Joe.


  1. I wasn't blessed to be born a Southerner but I sure can relate to this song. I am blessed to believe in the Southern spirit and of course I celebrate R.E.L.'s birthday every year. Thanks Joe.

  2. Hi Irish,
    'Chang a few numbers... for me it was "Rt. 3 Box 119, Hammond Louisiana..." The mailbox was so beat up from over the years.. it was a "Gravel Road" until 1948 when I was 3 years old and it got an ass-fault over coat!!... the mailbox was so beat up it didn't have a "Flag" on it for mail pick up... so when my aunt would go out to check the mail and leave out going mail she would break of a twig from a bush and stick it in the slot to notify the mail man to stop!!!......
    Thx for the memories.......

  3. Rt3 Box 177... Good grief it got dusty. Haven't had coffee yet either.

  4. Route 3, Box 406 for me. Second house on the left after you turned off the highway. Damn allergies.

  5. I was Route 1 Box 81.
    "then long about Decatur I started smelling taters and fried chicken"

  6. Route 1 Box 269N
    New Market, Al 35761
    First address I learned then it went to a street address. Lived there until I was 26. I still live less than 5 miles away!


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