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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Subliminal Breakfast Suggestions..


  1. Number 1 or 3 please (as I sit here eating my donut).

  2. Dude, that's just cruel...
    I have to have surgery this morning so no breakfast for me!

    So of course everyone else in the frekken world must be made to bow down to ANYTHING that offends, triggers, or even just slightly irritates ME!

    (Which is the way the Loonie Left thinks and destroys not only their own lives,
    But the lives and societies around them).

    I abhor the Loonie Liberal mind rot and moral relativism...
    So I say...
    Enjoy your Beautiful Bountiful Breakfasts this morning.
    May the road rise to meet you and may your day be Blessed.

    MSG Grumpy

  3. And for what it's worth I'll have a #1 and a #3, with a #4 on the side.
    Followed by a #2 for second Breakfast

    MSG Grumpy

  4. HI IRISH!!!!,
    OMG!!!! BACON & EGGS!!! Start em' fryin' and the aroma is guaranteed to offend every raghead within 3 states!!!!!
    PS When I was a little kid, my Grandma, like all the farmer's from the "Old Country," would start the day with a breakfast like that!! The Men would then go out to the field an Plant 40 acres before lunch!!

  5. Hi IRISH!!,
    Those ""CIMMARON!!!! ROLLS!!!" Look Scrumptious!!! 'Just need one of my "Cappuccino's" to go with them!!!!!


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