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Friday, May 29, 2020

It's Friday!

 Ten more hours at work to get to the weekend.

Speaking of work, or lack there of, here is a timeline of the "Stay at Home" orders.

and this is still a viable observation:


  1. The one with the states is off.

    OH was locked down 3/16. My wife was supposed to work in the primary.

    1. We in Ohio have King Whine and Labcoat Amy.
      The soft nerdy version of tyranny. But still tyranny.

  2. I live in Michigan. You know,the state with the Empress Gretchen Whitless. She may be my governor, but she is not my queen, and not my boss. I have not followed any of her politically motivated rules. I wear a facemask only when I must go someplace that forces me to wear one, such as a doctor's office. If a store tries to force me to wear one, I take my business elsewhere that is willing to take my money without trying to force me to violate my constitutional rights.
    I have 2 grandchildren,with my one son and my one daughter. I just learned yesterday that my son will be having a second grandchild. I will fight for the rights of my grandchildren to live in freedom and peace. If need be,I will sacrifice all,including my life, that my children and grandchildren will live in peace and under the same freedom that I had as a young person. I don't say this lightly, and I don't say this without the will to back it up. I hope the government and all of the anti constitution liberals understand that I am not alone in this. I wish it didn't have to come to this, but we know that it will come.


  3. Not all stay-at-home orders are equal to each other.

    NYFC, for one example, had the subways running every day throughout the entire period, and only thought about cleaning the cars nightly at the very end of April, weeks into this. Which, for them was only about 20,000 deaths later.

  4. Over the course of 3 weeks cases increased by 40X, even as lockdowns were implemented, the economy wreaked and Demonrat and Rino Governors, like Sununu, claimed powers that they do not have, measured against their own and the U.S. Constitution.

    ...and Fauci is STILL the Director of NIAID and STILL a darling of the left despite leaving the country massively unprepared for Kung Flu.



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