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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Fifty Years Ago

I saw this over at Free North Carolina and thought I'd "borrow" it. Thanks in advance Brock.


  1. It's getting closer and closer. We may yet live long enough to actually see the start of the Electric Boogaloo.

  2. Hi Irish,
    NO!! Those of us that were there there did not forget!!! 'Bitch is there were too many here in the "WORLD" as we use'd to call it that never knew!!!! thx to walter Kronkdick!! He claimed that we got our Ass kicked at the "DUCK FARM!!" Khe Sanh!!!!! Tet 1968 (FEB 1968!!) but Golf Company of the 2/26 Marines kicked Charlie's ass then..... In MAY late may.. Golf Company on loaded aboard the USS PRINCETON LPH-5 off Da Nang I was the V-6 div. Para Loft and became friends with them and HMM-362 and 363!! If they could have gotten ahold of walt Kronkdick he would hae been "TOAST!!"
    PS Years later the NVA General"Giap" said that we kicked his ass at Khe Sanh but walt 's words won the war for him Walt was a "TRATOR!!"

    1. Actually, it was Yuri Andropov's scheme to radicalize the Liberals in this country.

      Black Power, Feminism, Queers, anti-war, free sex and drugs were all his doing, aided mightily by the useless idiots on the Left here.

  3. Because the guys who went over and those that supported them never confronted the newsies and the hippies and the campus commandos and the damned Democrats the way Trump does today (granted, the media situation is different today).

    Reagan was the first guy to recognize the guys who went to 'Nam and that was 1980

  4. Those days are coming round agin. Too old for run and gun but I can still man the barricades.


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