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Saturday, January 18, 2020

There Are Good People Still Out There... WWYD?

Man, it would be a tough call to do what Howard Kirby did.

 Story HERE<<<

What would you do?

Return it
Keep some for your trouble
Finders keepers baby!


  1. It would have been a hard one, but I would have given the money back. First because character is what you do when no one is looking, and my parents raised me right. And second, because when this sort of thing happens, you just know that somewhere, this is a test.
    Seriously, I would have thought for half a second, but would not have hesitated, knowing that it was going back. I just cannot force myself to do the wrong thing, knowing that it is the wrong thing.

  2. I guess I'll be the asshole. I'd keep it. I'd be a lot more 'giving' with it than normal, but I'd have kept it.
    House would have been paid off, all the bills done for a year....so many things.
    Yeah, I'd be an asshole.
    (so...in other words...I'd be me)

  3. I'm really surprised the person who donated it was actually found. Here in north Alabama we have a similar operation with Goodwill Stores, These are basically thrift stores where household items, clothing, appliances, automobiles, boats, etc., are donated either at the store or in drop boxes often times placed in rural and urban areas (these boxes are sometimes dumps and eyesores for dilapidated items). There are stories of corruption where employees end with the "good stuff" that gets donated too. Anyhow, my point is this. If I had of found the money in a couch I bought from such a place and I did not know the rightful owner (if I knew the rightful owner I'd return it), I would wait a period of time (90, 180, or even a year) and if someone did not come forward to claim it, I'd keep it.

  4. I would have "quietly" returned it, you're never quite certain of the tax laws that might burden the family. I guess in one sense I have the morality to return it, but not the ethics to involve the government.

  5. If I had found this I would have bee really happy (for about 5 minutes) then it would be dilemma time. Probably would sit with it for a little while, but ultimately would have to find the owner. I have found over the years that my peace of mind is worth a lot more than $43000 but that's just me. I have a good friend who would have no problem keeping it. Interesting situation no matter how you look at it.

  6. I played sports in high school. I actually was pretty good, to the point where I had college scholarships offered. But I did not choose to take them up on their offer.
    But I have always tried to stress to anyone who either plays or has kids playing, usually football, since that was the sport that I had the full scholarship in, that high school sports simply MUST be about building character. Both learning to win and learning to lose, are lessons that will serve you well in life, and are needed. I have always found it sad when a high school football coach did not get this one point.
    My football coach was a former Marine, and a Vietnam veteran, who had no problem building character in his players, and still being able to field teams that won. My last two year,as a varsity player, I think that my record would have been 21-3.And yet I was able to continue to learn and to build on the foundation that my parents set me upon.
    I have never been rich, but I have to say that there is a Bible verse that has had a strong grip on me. Psalm 37:25I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread. No matter how tough things have gotten, I have never had to worry about feeding my family, or having enough money enough to pay my bills. And now, I am debt free, after years of trying. It has been a long and tough road, but one that I am glad that we went down that road. We learned a lot. Mostly, at times we learned to trust God, as we could not do things alone. And so we had to rely on Him.

  7. Jeffrey,
    One thought, the people donating the Ottoman might have had other items, and had the truck pick it up for them, and they got their name that way.

  8. Mister Kirby gave up earthly treasure for Treasure in Heaven. He made the right decision.

  9. Oh yeah Pigpen51. I would probably have even called the store and ask if they could direct me to the previous owner. If so, I would say that I had found something in the couch of "sentimental value". To double check, I'd ask that they identify the item and if they could name it, it'd be theirs. one of my friends had hidden $1,700.00 in an old suit coat. His wife cleaned out the closet and took the suit to the Goodwill store. He called a day or so later, but never heard back from them.

  10. Jeffrey,

    The only problem with that method, is that I don't that the people giving the item even knew that the money was there. It was an estate that they were just trying to get cleaned out,so they could dispose of the house, if I am remembering correctly.


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