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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Best Name For A 23Lb Cat?

  The person that named him has a great sense of humor!


 He's at the Oklahoma Humane Society and up for adoption.



  1. He must be quite the mouser....

  2. I have a cat like that. Male. Gray & white. Big, "big boned", and heavy (~20 lbs). But not fat. Sure, he could stand to lose a couple of pounds (but who couldn't?). But who's going to put him on a diet, to stand over him and watch him 24/7? Not me. He dwarfs every other cat we have in the house, but he's such a gentle giant, a real wuss. The only thing he demands is to be allowed outside when HE wants. Otherwise he gets up on the table and starts chewing on cellophane, and/or knocking stuff off the edge. Also, he wants to be allowed on your lap, to be petted, and to bury his face/head in your hand while he purrs SO LOUD.
    What a cat. Couldn't/wouldn't live without him.

    Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

  3. Hi Irish,
    My "Belle Starr" weigh's in at 11 lbs.+ ...she's half way there!! Don't know it she'll get that big??
    we'll see!!!


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