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Wednesday, January 15, 2020

I am calling a "lame" false flag attempt on this one

Elizabeth Warren's campaign office was vandalized two days after opening in Portland. I just don't believe it could happen in the "Peoples Republik of Oregon". 

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  1. Of course it could- they like Berniepolice9801

  2. It looks like something that those zany Bernie Bros from Antifa would do because they hate liberals as much as they hate us.

    Kapt Kaos

  3. We know that Bernie's lead field guy calls himself an anarcho-communist and that he thinks re-education camps are perfectly fine. Bernie bros also warn that cities will burn and riots will pop up if Bernie is not selected or elected. Well, ok, got my powder and ball all set and ready. Morons.

  4. I'm pretty sure AntiFa hates Warren.


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