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12:35 Richmond Time: I heard from my friend who said the rally had concluded without incident. There was trouble with the public address system which the speakers were to use to address their grievances and speak to the crowds who had gathered. We may never know if it was a real "tech" problem or deliberate sabotage. My friend was going to hang around a while before heading home. He said the capitol grounds, roadways, etc. were still very crowded. I am glad things went as well as they did. Deep down I knew the potential for violence, false flags, etc., was very real. One thing I have not got a handle on yet is as to why the media has been so uncannily quiet. Is it simply because there was not hardly any negatives to distort and report or are the bastards being overly cautious not to divulge how well behaved the patriots in attendance were or is it so the MSM can avoid reporting the number of pro-2A supporters in attendance. Maybe it is both. I am sure the propagandist will do their best to spin it in a way to put the good guys in a bad light. Deo Vincdice

I just heard from my guy who is at the rally. I was starting to think he was a victim of Stingray or CREW jamming/tracking devices. Here is what I have so far. This came in approximately 10:15-10:25 a.m. (Richmond Time). 

"so far so good", "fairly peaceful at the moment", "we are a little removed from the capitol itself where ground zero will be", I told him I had heard the governor was in hiding to which he replied, "we had heard he left". I asked specifically about clashes and ANTIFA and he replied, "none that I've seen yet, but we are a little removed from the epicenter". Below is a picture he sent at the same time.

I have a friend who has driven down from Ohio to participate in the rally at Richmond. Though I have my own thoughts and opinions as to what might occur tomorrow, I asked him to send me brief updates, photos, videos, etc. from time to time to let everyone know how things are actually transpiring. This young man is college educated professional, a truthful historian, and patriot. So far he has texted to me:

"This place is a war zone"

"Part of me is alarmed at what I've got myself into and another part of me is like "this" matters".

Ten minutes ago I received, "They are setting us up. ANTIFA is going to provoke and attack the police and make it look like we did it".

I will post updates as I receive them.



  1. I can hear certain former senator in a movie:

    "This business will get out of control and we'll be lucky to live through it."

  2. Check out the LEO intimidation.

  3. It's almost time for Virginia government to come out and play.

  4. Kenny posted the above video that anonymous references

    Go read the comments as well.

  5. He may not be able to send you updates. Stingray (cellphone tracker/jammer) and CREW systems are already set up in the area.

  6. Of COURSE this is a setup....that's the ENTIRE reason for EVERYTHING the commie demonrats running Virginia have done. If patriots show up and protest then a 'false flag' event will
    be implemented and used to blame the right as an excuse to destroy even MORE rights. If nobody actually shows up for these protests the commie demonrats and their media whores will
    claim THEY WON and nobody showed up because the "people" actually SUPPORT their unconstitutional gun grabbing criminality. They are setting it up so THEY CAN'T LOSE AND FREE PEOPLE CAN'T WIN. The solution....Plan C....and just use your imagination on what that plan can be, because it can be ANYTHING you want it to be, OTHER than what THEY are planning.

  7. Winner, winner, chicken dinner Dan! I think you are absolutely correct.

  8. It's like Matt Bracken has a time machine.

  9. And, yet, to not show up is to lose.

    We lose either way.

    Let us all hope and pray that things go far better than we all fear for.

  10. I tried leaving a comment via my cell yesterday. It looks like it got swallowed up in cyperspace or something. I'm more concerned with the the "something". My comment was about similar statements made by VA Senator Amanda Chase (2A supporter) and my own new mobile app - Patriot Newswire. I published the app for the first time yesterday. The intent is to deliver news via RSS feeds directly to your phone. It's not perfect. It ain't pretty but I think it is useful. It is "free" i.e. paid for by advertising. I slapped a couple of banners on it to test things out. It can be downloaded from my Liberty Coalition site here: You can also see the feeds on your computer at


  11. Listening to the radio, I just heard that DHS has the governor in hiding. If he's hiding out, he's damned sure not interested in listening to the People's voices.

  12. Please use time stamping of your friends texts.

  13. Thanks guys and thanks Kenny for the link. I was starting to think my guy must be the victim of Stingray or similar tracking device, but I just heard from him. I'll post a picture.

  14. Here is a link from the UK explaining what is going on

  15. I'll wager that antifa and their scumbag pals did not show because they knew there were a LOT of folks there ready, willing, and able to fight back, and not just a handful of Proud Boy types. Tough talk and direct action are easy when you know your intended targets outnumber you and can adapt to fast changing situations to respond appropriately. As for any larger "false flag" activity, Gov. Blackface and his fellow Trots haven't got the guts for it. Especially when the guys with guns already have the ground scoped out and covered.

    The Olympia, Wa rally is also going well and I expect it to end quietly, too.

  16. I am very happy this was a peaceful event. It had MUCH potential for ugliness if the commie left had chosen to release their agents provacateur into the crowd to foment violence.

    However this event accomplished NOTHING OF IMPORTANCE politically. Coonman Northam and his commie accomplices in the state house were NEVER in any danger thus they were NEVER afraid and therefore they were given ZERO incentive to cease their assault on America and freedom. In fact this defiance of their
    "Authoritay" will only serve to enrage and embolden them to even more disgusting levels in their quest for complete control and power over society.

    The commie left is just like Hollywood's Terminator.

    "It (they)can't be bargained with. It (they) can't be reasoned with. It (they)doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear! And it (they) absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead!"

    As long as a communist is capable of turning oxygen into carbon dioxide they will NEVER EVER stop attempting to gain power and control over us....EVER.

  17. Both the troopers are OATH BREAKERS. Typical golden boys serving the master....

  18. Anonymous said...
    He may not be able to send you updates. Stingray (cellphone tracker/jammer) and CREW systems are already set up in the area.
    January 19, 2020 at 9:57 PM

    What is Stingray and CREW??

  19. I was there most of the morning and it was a happy, peaceful event. If there were Antifa there, they stayed under their rock. Most of the VSP were polite and respectful.

    What did it accomplish? Legally, nothing. Politically, it puts the state government on notice that they will be expending a lot of political capital to enforce their idiocy. That anything they pass will have a very low compliance rate. My plate carrier had empty mag pouches, because I came in peace. They won't be empty the next time.


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