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Thursday, January 23, 2020

A Once In A Lifetime Find.... Phil's Gonna Be Reeeeal Jealous...

From the video:

An old excavator broke down 16 years ago and was abandoned in the middle of a trail on a steep slope in my neighbors forest. My neighbor wanted it out of the way so he can use the trail again, he said I can have the excavator for scrap metal so I went to investigate.


  1. What damage Phil could do with a find like that!

  2. I'm thinking that the coffee can over the exhaust pipe wasn't 16 years old out there in the woods.

  3. Now I want one. I would prefer a bulldozer, though........


  4. I about had a fit when I watched this several months ago, especially at the end when he finally finds out why it was abandoned.

  5. Cut to the chase for those of us with very little bandwidth?

  6. Old Radar Tech, there was of course a whole bunch of things wrong with it, it took the guy a month of packing batteries, fuel and doing repairs to get it going but as I recall, there was a broken bolt under it that connected the control lever linkage for one of the tracks to the hydraulic valve.
    Basically it would only travel in circles.


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