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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Representative... noun: a person chosen or appointed to act or speak for another or others.

What Do These "People" Represent?

The wishes and best interest of the country?
Their own self- serving power?
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  1. This may end up being slightly lopsided :)

  2. 542 votes as of now, and all votes are for the self serving power, as they should be.

    These "people" are neck deep in the corruption they are accusing Pres. Trump of, and will do anything to avoid going to prison.

  3. That whole crew needs to be hit by a bus.

  4. Commie Socialist Demons.

    If you want to know about Socialism, just read some old Soviet humor.

    - A regional Communist Party meeting is held to celebrate the anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The Chairman gives a speech: “Dear comrades! Let’s look at the amazing achievements of our Party after the revolution. For example, Maria here, who was she before the revolution? An illiterate peasant; she had but one dress and no shoes. And now? She is an exemplary milkmaid known throughout the entire region. Or look at Ivan Andreev. He was the poorest man in this village; he had no horse, no cow, not even an axe. And now? He is a tractor driver with two pairs of shoes! Or Trofim Semenovich Alekseev – he was a nasty hooligan, a drunk, and a dirty gadabout. Nobody would trust him with as much as a snowdrift in wintertime, as he would steal anything he could get his hands on. And now he’s Secretary of the Party Committee!”

  5. What blows me away is how those people got their jobs...

  6. Either there was one fat fingered dude that voted wrong or we have been infiltrated by a retarded Commie.

  7. I would like to know who the ten idiots are as of this time stamp.


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