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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Wanted Man Already In Jail When Federal Agents And Mobile Co. Sheriff's Office Raid His FORMER Home And Shoot 19 Year Old Woman Inside

Ann Rylee

To Serve:

This shit has got to stop. A little homework on the LEO's part would have shown the man they were seeking had already been booked into the Mobile County Jail. Identifying themselves as law enforcement officers before crashing through the door might have kept the young Ann Rylee from being shot after brandishing a shotgun. Mrs. Rylee was asleep in a recliner and was startled awake, grabbed a nearby shotgun, and then was shot five times. Apparently, after seeing the shotgun,  two U.S. Marshall's yelled "gun, gun, gun!" as they opened fire. The sheriff's office claims they identified themselves, but the family disputes this. At one point her condition was critical, but she is now expected to survive.

                       Read the entire story and watch the newscast video by clicking HERE,


  1. These are the folks who will come and kill us for our weapons when their democrat masters tell them to do it, fuck them.

  2. yup, and when they pass the "red flag laws" you can forget any rights you think you had.
    if you live thru the "pickup" ,you have to fight in court to clear your name,on your own dime.
    i wonder if "they" ever think about it, i mean,your fucked when they come,and your life is for
    all time over, so, why give in i mean at that point. you have nothing left to lose,,,

  3. "Beware the man with nothing left to lose."
    Stupid motherfuckers forget who they're screwing with.
    We're stilll the same people who told king georgie to get bent, and shot his minions when they interfered.

  4. Do police body cams record sound? If so and if this clown posse had theirs turned on, then review of them will instantly clear up whether they identified themselves sufficiently ... and if they didn't they should be charged with attempted murder and breaking/entering.

    "The Mobile County Sheriff’s Office, Homeland Security, and US Customs and Border Patrol conducted the raid. " SERIOUSLY, what was this guy wanted for, to be worth that much heat? Is he some kind of terrorist, some major player in a drug cartel? International pedo sex slaver??

  5. Ok, a little digging ... looks like the guy was running a meth lab. Several recent arrests for pre-cursor chemicals. Sheriff says they have video showing them doing the right thing. This dawn raid was part of a big sweep in Mobile that rounded up at least a dozen drug related cases.

    "Rylee’s fiance, Christopher McLeod, says he was there when it happened and described the scene to News 5’s Amber Grigley. He tells us he was taking out the trash when several law enforcement officers drive up the house and get out of their vehicles.

    He tells News 5 they were looking for his uncle. He says that he told them the uncle hasn’t lived there for quite some time. While checking his ID, he says, they noticed he had a pistol permit. They asked where his guns were.

    He told News 5 that he alerted the officers that the guns were in the house, and that his fiance was inside sleeping."

    Other news stories confirm that LEOs detained two males outside the house before entering.

    In addition to the Walter White stuff, Mcleod has a 16 year long rap sheet filled with the usual thug criminal stuff; burglary, domestic abuse, assault, etc. A real charmer.


    1. NOPE. That's a big flying flamingo NOPE. When the Sheriff has ceded control over to the fed agencies, he has lost command. Only now does he come out from hiding to make a press release? That is a big effing NOPE. Sorry, Sherf, you gave up your authority. Yes, the authority derived directly from the U.S. Constitution - maybe you've heard of it - and gave all such powers over to bureaucrats who name themselves as the arbiter of the law. Sheriff Sam Cochrane of Mobile County is a shill, a poseur. Take him down. And every other 'agent' or 'investigator', individually, take them down.

      As I said on another blog, know where they live and go there to take them out. How many of these have we read...10, 20, 50. How many is enough?

      Oh, especially loathsome is how the piece of shit Sherf says it was because the young innocent Rylee woman raised her weapon. F you, Sheriff Sam Cochrane of Mobile County.


    2. Well, you are known by the company you keep. And if they are kin, then what? I've told nephews to get out and stay away because their drug habit. But by what right to have multiple agencies roll up to make an arrest but shoot someone simply because she was perhaps defending herself from unannounced intruders? Even the DHS is now going into people's homes???

  6. "He added, "If she would not have pointed a gun at the agents they would have determined all that on the scene and would have bid her a good day and thank you very much."

    Now you're blaming the victim for getting shot, because she was defending herself against people she thought were intruders? And a hearty "fuck you, to you, too".
    Ever heard of surrounding the house (so no one can run away), then politely knocking on the door?
    This military mentality will get a'y'all killed soon enough. And then you'll whine and cry and snivel, "what'd we doo wrong?", "we didndo nuffin wrong."

    Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

  7. "knocking on the door" - That was my thought last night too. They had the fiance before they made the entry. They had ID'd him, which let them know he was a legal gun owner (?!?!) ... and therefore not a felon, and probably not lying to them. WTF was wrong with these badged Bubbas that they didn't have the fiance knock on the door, tell the woman to wake up, relax, and let the cops in? This entire "raid" could have been handled gently and politely. I'd say every badge involved should be charged with attempted murder/accessory and fired. It's not like this bunch hasn't already had plenty of practice - Mobile does these early morning large scale drug raids every few months. Train for situational awareness, of course. But also train to de-escalate the scene, or how to never ramp it up in the first place. They are acting as process servers, delivering warrants. Mailmen with badges. They are NOT special ops military taking down Bin Laden. Chill the eff out already.


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