Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Five Alabama Police Officers Were Killed With Stolen Handguns This Year

Wait a minute. Don't we already have laws on the books declaring burglary, felons in possession of a firearms, buying and receiving stolen property,  murder, etc all crimes punishable by lengthy sentences behind bars or even death? Why are liberals convinced that passing more laws will lower the rates of gun crimes? I believe most of the useful idiots simply do not know any better and are just parroting the gun ban mantra of their overlords. The leaders behind the movement use crimes such as this one as another rung in their ladder climbing towards their ultimate goal of registration, confiscation, domination, and ultimately "elimination" of their opposition. Gun owners have already surrendered much more of their liberty than they should have. It is time for Americans to say NO to "common sense" gun legislation, red flag laws, ammunition taxes, magazine bans, "assault weapon" bans, or any other kind of  damn ban. The anti-gunners know they will never be able to force their will on an armed populace. Never surrender your guns. Teach your children and other young folks how to shoot and the importance of the Second Amendment. Resist by any means necessary. Armed men are way more difficult to herd into ditches or be loaded onto boxcars.

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  1. If making it double plus illegal doesn't work, they'll make double plus double plus illegal and that'll do it for sure.

    1. Yep - making such behavior more illegaler will certainly do it - at least that is what they keep telling us..................


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