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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

♫♫ Irish's Favorite New Christmas Song... ♫♫


  1. Fuckin' A. The Grinch is a pussy compared to me this year.

  2. Can I have this song for Christmas too? Will you share Irish?

  3. Jim Breuer came to our small Michigan town a year or two back. He is fantastic. He spoke about leaving our little theater and going for a walk. In one direction, we have Lake Michigan, which is absolutely gorgeous. But in the other direction, it looks like a scene out of Starsky and Hutch, with the crummy houses, the damaged cars, the poor minorities, if you understand, and such. We have shootings nearly every week here now. 25 years or more ago when I moved here, from a rural place up north, there was none of that.
    Breuer riffed on all of that stuff, and he was just hillarious. He was not filthy, like some commedians are. He did use some profanity, which I heard for over 35 years working in a foundry, so it is not like I was shocked, but my wife and I have seen some big name commedians they brought in to town, who were nothing but filth, and not funny. It was like they were jr. High school kids trying to show how grown up they are by using foul language, and filthy stories.
    But Jim Breuer is worth seeing, for sure.


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