Friday, October 11, 2019

Oregon Cattle Mutilations

Six pure-bred breeder bulls were found dead on an Oregon ranch with their reproductive parts and tongues surgically removed and their blood completely drained. While this is most strange and puzzling, this happened frequently in the 1970's and then again in the 90's in several western states. There was a rash of it here in Alabama in the 1990's too. Conspiracy theories abound with many people pointing towards "aliens". 

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  1. From what I've read about such incidents over the years, not even scavengers will bother the carcasses.

  2. I've read the same thing. I would imagine the Oregon frontier has many more coyotes than we have in Alabama. Most times if a cow or calf dies, the carcass is picked clean in a couple of nights. I also have read that the animals have a strange smell to them. This was the case with these too. In northeast Alabama, some of the incisions on mutilated cattle indicated that tissue samples had been exposed to high heat and may have been performed with a laser. Read this piece. I may amend the post later.

  3. decades back two sheriffs deputies staked out a dead cow. what they found was: rats and mice ate the softest, easiest to get at, most nutritious parts first

  4. A few years ago, I was talking to a rancher near Chama, NM. I asked him about cattle mutilations and such and he said they were still occurring, but they quit reporting them because they were tired of people making fun of them for it.

  5. Aliens (space type)? My a$$. How about ...
    - Illegal border crossovers seeking high-protein sustenance?
    - Animal 'Rights' wackos trying to stop legitimate husbandry?
    - Satanic or Santeria ('voodoo') ritual?
    - DIY Surgeons In-Training?
    - [your reasonable explanation here]

    Thanks for the use.

  6. Someone is stealing prize bull semen, all the rest is window dressing to obscure the objective, though likely there might be a market for fresh blood and other key parts.

    Follow the money. The ranchers might want to try putting some low level short halflife tracers in the prize stock, something that will show up with the appropriate detector but not harm the bull while alive.


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