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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Grab Your Coffee and Decide If You Will See THIS Anywhere On The Enemedia Sites....

Damn,   cue the battle music...


  1. Finally, somebody called out the media, but I agree we won't see that on any of the major media outlets anytime soon.

  2. And chicken neck mcdonald-oops, mcconnell-struts around and talks out of both sides of his mouth, because he won't tell the dems to get stuffed.

  3. We need more people like him in Washington it's time to release the dogs on these commie loving pricks and drain the entire swamp.

  4. I was around when they took down Nixon, and when they tried to take out Clinton. While many people did not like Nixon, and what he did in covering up the Watergate hotel break in was a huge mistake on his part, what Clinton did was much worse, in my opinion, and yet the Democrats still support him, and act like it was not a big deal that he not only had sex with an underling, but had it in the oval office, in the house not of the Clinton family, but the house of the people of the United States.
    Now Nixon might have been a SOB, and I was born in 1960, so I am just old enough to remember how he was, but remember, that is the way pretty much all politicians were back then. Not to excuse him, but it is not like he was the only political figure who had a filthy mouth and would stab his own mother in the back to get ahead. But try to remember, there were many things that he did that he could look back on, and proudly say, " I did that." Like opening up trade with China, which enriched America and our business owners, and in return, the workers. While many might not have liked it, he did get us out of the war in Vietnam. There was not going to be any way to get out of that quagmire than the way he chose to do it, by simply saying, that's it, goodbye, and leave. No matter how bad it might have made us look in the eyes of the world, there is no way to estimate the number of American lives that were saved by us pulling out.
    John Kennedy put us in there, or rather put some so called advisers there, but Johnson is the one who ramped up the number of soldiers there. Nixon then got into office, and he let his advisers tell him that we could win the war, if we just kept putting more men and materials on the ground. But while Nixon played the game for a time, eventually he figured it out that there was no way to win a war in that country, because of the way that the North Vietnamese fought the war. They did not have to win, all they had to do was to not lose. And that was easy to do, because of the way that America was forced to fight, due in part to the political winds blowing back in the cities and towns of our nation. And also in part because we were not used to fighting a guerrilla war. We had the best soldiers, and the best weapons and equipment, but the Russians and the Chinese were supplying the Vietnamese with arms and equipment that also was pretty good.
    If Nixon had not resigned, there is no question but that he would have been impeached, and most likely he would have been removed from office. That would have been a bad thing, since impeachment should only be reserved for the absolute worst case of malfeasance or mental breakdown that you could imagine. The presidency is such an office that should be held in very high esteem, no matter if the man or woman holding that office is an asshole or not. I never had any respect for former president Obama, but I tried to maintain a respectful tone when speaking about him. I of course did make my points about his policies, and how I thought he had made many bad mistakes, but I never spoke against him as a person, and I have not done so against President Trump, although he has many flaws as a man, that could be used to put him down. But the office of the president is such an important thing, that I think that we ought to respect the office, if not the person holding it. Because as we all know, there is no one on earth who is without flaws, and we elect a president not because of their character, but because of their policies, at least I hope so.


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